Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do I have enough personality for this?

Well, hello people (person is more likely) whoever you are... If you're reading this then, thanks. :)
I feel pretty audacious for starting a blog. However, I have been advised by several (3 to be exact) people that this is something I "need" to be doing, and, after reading a most entertaining blog by a friend, I decided it's time.

I think we all have invaluable experiences and more often than not, there is humor-a-plenty in the things that we encounter.  I, for one, find life to be extremely and ironically funny and really love to share that with people.  My biggest concern in writing this blog is that you won't be able to see my amazing hand-gestures that accompany every story. I mean, really, a story without animation is nothing more than, well, a book.  Oh, right.  I guess it could work.....people read books, right?

Ok, another thing you should know is that I take life seriously in that I believe it does actually mean something, and someday everything we've gone through WILL matter.  Therefore I am compelled to share these things in order to band us together so we can help each other.  (all for one and one for all, hoorah!)

I am hoping I will keep writing this blog from my personal perspective, though I have many causes and in all likelihood there will be many soapbox sermons.  Hmmm...maybe that's what I should have called this blog...anyway, there will be swearing, sharing, caring, advocating, educating and praying.  (Yes I drink/swear/and commit many other forms of sinnery* AND believe in God.  I don't think He cares as much about some of that stuff as many of you think).

The whole point is this, Life is just Life and Love IS the answer.

*it's my blog and I can make up words if I want to. Don't judge.

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