Monday, April 25, 2011

6 week body makeover

Well.  I am starting a new program for weight-loss today.
I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks (years) ever since I saw someone recently who has lost weight and looks great.  She said this is the program that works for her.  She said it's really easy. 
I told the Man about my plan on Saturday.  He got a scared look on his face.   I told him that I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror.  He said let's break all the mirrors. Easy. Problem solved.  He thinks I'm going to be mean. And hungry. And coupled with my mental disorder (read peri-menopause) I think he's seriously reconsidering the status of this relationship.

Yesterday I told my kids about my plan.  They got a scared look on their faces.  My oldest boy said, "didn't you try dieting once?" Yes.  I did.  That diet consisted of getting off the Mountain Dew.  And switching to sugar free redbull.  Not quite as effective as I was hoping.

My daughter said she wants me to be healthy and happy.  She asked where alcohol fits in this equation.  I got a scared look on my face.  I accused the whole group of not supporting me.  The Man's defense was that he offered to break the mirrors.  The Daughter said she supports me.  Really I think they don't think I will follow through. We'll see.  That's my answer to everything.  We'll see.

I don't even LOVE food. I don't eat dessert. I don't love chocolate. Or ice cream. I eat like twice a day. I NEVER eat breakfast. I skip meals all the time, but apparently this is very bad for your metabolism. My main concerns are the fact that I can't drink my RockStar Energy drink even though it is sugar AND carb FREE.  It is high in sodium which according to this plan is the devil incarnate. Ok, that's a little extreme, but really...salt is not your friend when trying to lose weight.  Also, I must refrain from alcohol for the next 6 weeks if I want extreme results.  Which, who doesn't? I'm not really a lukewarm person.  I'm all or nothing. 

I spent the day (1 hour) yesterday shopping. I bought fruits, veggies, and eggs.  It was weird.  I felt like I had suddenly gone very granola.  I even bought organic, low-sodium chicken broth. See, no processed foods are allowed.   Then I came home and cooked and divided food into my newly purchased containers according to my meal plan and portions...
That is a lot of food for me.  And that does not include breakfast, dinner and a bedtime snack.  I don't think I'll be hungry.  Breakfast was two hard-boiled egg whites and 1/2 cup peaches.  Not from a can.  Since I can't have salt, I used Mrs. Dash table blend on the egg whites.  Yuck.  Must find new way to eat the egg whites.  I figured since I like hard boiled eggs, that would be no problem for me.  I was wrong.  But the plan says not to force yourself to eat food you don't like. So...will try something different tomorrow.  It's almost time for my mid-morning snack (what am I, in preschool?) which will be 2 oz of chicken and 1/2 cup pineapple. Not from a can. Here goes....

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